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Deep Inside the Sacred Temple - Pearl Fishers Duet (Euphonum Duet)
Georges Bizet
Robert Childs
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Difficulty Level
Euphonium Duet and Brass Band

Bizet's opera, The Pearl Fishers, has the exotic setting of a quiet fishing village on the island of Ceylon in the time of antiquity. The plot revolves around best friends Zurga and Nadir, who swear an oath of friendship, vowing never again to let the love of a girl, Leila, come between them. However, when Leila returns, Nadir ignores his promise. Zurga wishes to kill them both but remembers an earlier act of loyalty and instead masterminds a selfless plot to save their lives.

The opera is filled with rich melodies, particularly the tenor and baritone duet 'Au fond du temple saint' (Deep Inside the Sacred Temple), where Zurga and Nadir swear their oath of friendship. This has become known to audiences as 'The Pearl Fishers Duet'; here expertly arranged as a euphonium duet by Robert Childs.  David & Robert Childs perform this arrangement accompanied by the Hendon Salvation Army Band on the Doyen CD Hear My Prayer (DOYCD166).

Featured On
Hear My Prayer - David Childs, Hendon Band of the Salvation Army