Guidance for Bands Competing at the 2023 Regional Contests
October 16 2022

Upon learning that ‘A Day in the Life of a Knight' and ‘Pilgrim's Progress' had been selected for the 2023 Regional Contests, we decided to invest some time in preparing new editions of each of the works, improving the layout of parts, and correcting some minor errors that had been brought to our attention.

Unfortunately, it has become clear in the last week that some of the sets bands have purchased recently still contain parts from the old editions. For this, we apologise unreservedly.

Thankfully, it is quite easy to tell which edition you have:

Pilgrim's Progress - at Bar 90, where the title of Var. 2 is given, a typo has been corrected. In the old edition, ‘Loses' was misspelt ‘Looses'. If you have the old edition, it will read, "Var. 2 - Christian Looses His Burden at the Cross".

A Day in the Life of a Knight - from bar 120 through to bar 144, the flugel and horn lines are missing in the old edition. These have been reinstated in the new edition.

If you find that you are in receipt of an old edition, please email us at:

We will be happy to send you a new set, free of charge.