Errata: A Day in the Life of a Knight
December 14 2022

Errata for A Day in the Life of a Knight by Phil Lawrence




Details contained in PDF errata are outlined below:


Bar 47 and 245: flugel, repiano, 2nd and 3rd cornets

Should have the same notes as in the previous and subsequent bars


Bar 54 and 252: Eb bass

Should be transposed down a tone from A naturals to G naturals, creating a dissonance with the Bb bass, but matching the concert Bb pitch of the timpani


Bar 143: 2nd baritone 

Penultimate note should be F natural to match the euphoniums / trombones


Bar 144: solo horn 

Should be marked ff


Bar 189: Eb bass 

Should have a tenuto on 3rd beat